A Look at BlinkAI’s Partnership with Xiaomi to Bring World’s First “Night Video” Feature to Mi 11

Before the New Year, the BlinkAI Technologies team took a major step forward with the announcement of our partnership with Xiaomi to bring low-light video enhancement to the Mi 11, a next-generation smartphone on its flagship Mi line.

With this partnership, the third-largest global smartphone manufacturer is leveraging our deep learning software to elevate Mi 11’s native camera hardware's low-light performance. BlinkAI is powering the phone’s new “Night Video” mode, bringing unprecedented detail and vibrancy to smartphone nighttime videos.

A trailblazing collaboration, this is the first time this AI technology has been available on a smartphone and solves a long-standing problem for consumers looking to shoot high-quality live video at night on a mobile device. While legacy nighttime photo taking solutions rely on capturing light over a long period and merging many frames to produce an enhanced photo, a different approach is needed for video's real-time streaming.

For video, each rapidly captured frame needs to be enhanced, and on top of that, the enhancement has to happen nearly instantly. BlinkAI’s unique machine learning solution can work with these very noisy, low-quality video frames and enhance them in milliseconds. True to our mission to assist cameras to essentially see like we do as humans, our patented Night Video technology is built on a neural network framework that mimics critical aspects of how the human visual system works.

See the world’s first Night Video mode in action featuring BlinkAI’s AI-powered image enhancement software.

Since the announcement, media publications worldwide have shown great interest in our groundbreaking partnership with Xiaomi. Our alliance has made headlines in top tier news outlets in France, Spain, Hungary, and even Indonesia and high-profile smartphone publications in the U.S. and other global markets such as XDA Developers, GSM Arena, Android Community, and DP Review.

Leading photo trade publications such as PetaPixel and Digital Camera World have described our technology as “impressive” and wrote, “If what Xiaomi has shown here is any indication of what can be expected out of the next generation of smartphones, there is a lot to be excited about.” These publications also noted that while AI has been an aspect of smartphone photography for years now, it isn’t as simple as video. “This is because each second will require a minimum of 24 individual frames,” they explain. “This is what makes Xiaomi and BlinkAI's achievement so impressive.”

As BlinkAI approaches its third birthday, we’re excited for the future. We plan to continue enhancing our imaging capabilities to deliver visually appealing photos and videos for consumers and enable camera-embedded systems across many industries to achieve more robust vision in challenging visual environments. Outside of the smartphone industry, these capabilities are critical in the automotive, robotics, and security markets in scenarios where maximizing visual information is needed for performing high-stakes downstream perception tasks such as object detection and image segmentation.

Stay tuned!