Best Edge AI Software: BlinkAI wins 2021 Vision Product of the Year Award

BlinkAI Technologies, a leading provider of AI-powered imaging enhancement solutions, has won top honors in the Edge AI and Vision Product of the Year Awards program, run by the Edge AI and Vision Alliance. At an awards ceremony at the Embedded Vision Summit, BlinkAI was presented with the award for “Best Edge AI Software or Algorithm” for its Night Video technology, which leverages deep learning to elevate the real-time low-light imaging performance of camera-embedded devices. BlinkAI’s Night Video product was most recently shipped on Xiaomi’s flagship Mi 11 Ultra, which is currently ranked #1 globally on the industry-standard DXOMark image quality benchmark for best smartphone camera.

The winning entries were chosen by an independent panel of judges based on innovation, impact on customers and the market, and competitive differentiation. Past winners have included products from NVIDIA, Intel, Xilinx, and MediaTek.

Poor night-time image quality is a universal pain point because the small image sensors embedded in smartphones and other devices are typically unable to collect enough light during frame capture. “This is not only a need from consumers who want to take good-looking photos and videos on their phones,” said Selina Shen, BlinkAI co-founder and CEO. “Some of the most exciting work we’re doing is with companies building computer vision systems that rely on high-quality image streams from onboard cameras to accurately perceive dark environments in automotive, robotics, AR/VR, and security contexts.”

“The Edge AI and Vision Product of the Year Awards recognize the most innovative and impactful new products in edge AI and computer vision,” said Jeff Bier, founder of the Edge AI and Vision Alliance. “We congratulate BlinkAI on our judging panel’s selection of its Night Video technology as the best Edge AI Software or Algorithm of 2021.” BlinkAI’s low-light enhancement technology enables cameras to see in 5-10x darker illuminations than previously possible, without upgrading to more expensive larger sensors and lenses. Based on its groundbreaking deep learning imaging research, BlinkAI’s team has replicated the cognitive process of perceptual learning with a proprietary neural network system, bringing the efficiency of biological visual processing to digital cameras, and can optimally fine-tune this process for any camera sensor. The team has also spent considerable R&D effort in ensuring the neural network (NN) deployment runs optimally on low-power AI hardware accelerators. To achieve the lowest power consumption with minimal impact on image quality, BlinkAI’s proprietary NN scaling system allows the NN architecture to be optimally adjusted based on the hardware and software constraints of the accelerator.

About Blink AI Technologies

BlinkAI Technologies is a leading provider of AI-powered imaging enhancement solutions for camera systems used across the mobile, automotive, and security industries. The company’s patented imaging enhancement solutions are built on an artificial neural network that mimics how the human visual system works to dramatically improve imaging performance in noisy and low-light conditions. By using its technology, BlinkAI customers can improve both photo and video quality, accelerate object detection, and enable semantic segmentation in challenging visual scenarios. For more information, visit